Guitar Lessons For Beginners In Edmonton

Guitar Instructor in Edmonton is a very prestige place for beginners and for experienced guitar players to learn how to improve their skills in becoming the masters they’ve always dreamed of.

Billy Boissonneault - The Guitar Instructor

In 1991 Billy Boissonneault won the Canadian Country Open Singing Contest.

Since moving to Edmonton in 2000, Billy has written a jingle for a CMT music special, appeared on Television with several music artists and played at some of big events such as the Big Valley Jamboree, Merritt Mountain Music Festival, The Brier, The Scott and etc.

He established Guitar Instructor studio in Edmonton in the Year 2000. He says that from the moment he thought of creating this school, he knew that the approach for their students should be different and more efficient than in traditional Guitar schools, where things feel a lot more pressured and not fun at all. As a teacher Mr. Billy B believes that learning about music should be just as enjoyable as music is itself, and this approach has shown some great results.

Guitar lessons in Edmonton

By being one of the best schools in Edmonton, they had the chance to begin their work with lots of modern improvements. After seeing that lots of musicians wanting to register at music academies had to stand in long lines in order to get signed up, Guitar Instructor music school created the possibility to fully register online, without even leaving home.

Every room in this studio is created to be fully sound-proof, so that students could concentrate only on their lesson and wouldn’t get distracted by the sounds from other rooms.

One of the best qualities of Guitar Instructor music school is that the lecturers value the time of every student. With this approach, these Guitars lessons won’t seem like an unwanted chore, the students won’t get disconnected and will stay more positive, which will help them to improve their skills faster and better. also offers a great opportunity once in three months for every student to use their Recording Studio for an hour, with the assistance of teachers, producers and instructors of choice. The students can also create their own CD’s to show their family members and friends their musical talents.

Every student of Guitar Instructor Edmonton gets their own membership identification card with a photo and name on it. BillyB also offers the possibility to never lose a lesson if the students weren’t able to make it. There are lots of unexpected things that can happen, and that shouldn’t make a student to lose a lesson, that has already been paid for.

Small guitar on the strings of a big acoustic guitar.

Guitar Instructor - Guitar Lessons For Beginners Edmonton


Call Billy 780-444-6104 or text 780-222-4280

Parents are invited to stay during the lesson.