Porsche Ferrari Performance Upgrade: Types And Tips

Many car owners are thinking about tuning (the possibility of increasing the engine capacity) of the car. Currently, there are many options for tuning, which can solve the problem with a lack of engine power.

Chip tuning

Chip - this is probably the easiest and the most popular way to increase engine power. Such tuning involves making adjustments to the program of work of the power unit that provides additional horsepower.

Such an increase in capacity involves the installation of a small size box, which is connected to the control unit of engine work. On sale, you can find different options for chip tuning, which differ in the degree of engine boost.


  • Increase capacity
  • Affordable cost of the work.
  • Installation chip tuning does not lead to any reduction of engine life.

Subject to the fulfillment of this work from an authorized dealer saved the factory warranty that enables tuning of the new engine of the car, just bought at dealerships. Even if you performed this work on your own or in unauthorized professionals dismantling spent tuning will take you no more than fifteen minutes, which will return the car to the factory settings.

Motor Firmware

A variety of tuning is the firmware of the control unit. Perform this work with the help of special software that allows you to change the program of engine "brain."

1. Such option of tuning depending on the engine and the car will allow you to get from 15 to 30 percent power increase.

2. Perform firmware engine control unit in the vehicle that is under warranty.

3. Installation of the compressor and turbocharger

4. An extra turbine enables to increase the cardinality indicators of the power unit significantly.

5. In some cases, when using a high-power turbine, which works with a pressure of 1 bar or even more, it is possible to increase the motor power twice or more.

Installation of sports components

This comprehensive tuning will provide a significant increase in power, while fully retained the service life of the motor and its reliability indices are not changed. Similar work is often carried out simultaneously with the installation of turbo and change management programs. In this case, only a comprehensive approach will allow the car owner to obtain the necessary capacity increase of the power unit.

On sale, you can find the appropriate repair kits that are designed for one or another modification of the engine. The use of these tuning kits ensures the preservation of the resource engine and simplifies the ongoing operation.

Modernization of the ignition system

After modernization of the ignition system can receive an additional horsepower without any reduction of the resource.

In specialty stores, car owners can find ready-made blocks to change the ignition system. You can choose an option designed for a specific vehicle, which will allow carrying out all the maximum quality and with no loss of engine reliability.

If you have some experience, you can perform a tuning of the ignition system on their own, allowing you to save on the use of the services of professional minders.

At the same time, you need to calculate as accurately as possible to increase the capacity and to determine not need to replace the exhaust system or the power of the engine elements.

Replacing the air filter and spark plugs

Chances of a fairly simple option to increase capacity through the use of an air filter zero resistance and sporting spark plugs. This filter will allow you to increase capacity in the 5-10 horsepower. Its installation is not difficult, and the reasonable price makes it easy to increase the capacity of the motor.

Replacement of standard spark plugs and installation of high-voltage coils allow sports to get a few extra horsepower. Improves the smooth operation of the power unit, in particular, there is a thrust at low revs and faster engine warm-up idling.

The best way to increase the capacity of the replacement staff will be in the forward flow of the exhaust system that allows you to not only get the sporty exhaust sound but also adds several tens of horsepower.

You just need to pick up the forward flow modification, which is suitable for a particular engine. It is best to entrust an experienced that will ensure the quality of performance tuning.

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